Feed supplement for sustainable fish growth

We create added value and increased sustainability for Norway’s most significant growth industry

Our philosophy is that fish fed with good and natural ingredients develop a natural immune system and avoid problems. “Poor fish welfare leads to increased problems.
A demanding and stressful environment, as well as mechanical and medicinal treatments, contributes to weakening the fish’s health and increasing problems and death rates, which result in a low-quality end product. This leads to a loss in earnings for the produce.”

Our products “augment” and increase the intake of nutrients and important ingredients. The higher the quality of the feed used, the better the result achieved.

Because we work closely with feed producers and fish farmers, we are able to tailor products and solutions that are especially developed for solving the challenges faced by fish farmers.

Fewer lice leads to better fish health and finances

Research and studies conducted in Norway confirm that lice can be combated without compromising on fish welfare, harvest quality, or profitable operation for the fish farmer. The goal of any fish farmer must be to allow fish to develop in their natural environment in the sea, and to remain untouched for as long as possible from smolt to slaughter.

The slime improves fish welfare

It is natural for salmon and trout to have a thick, protective slime coat on the skin and the gills. The slime protects against bacteria, open wounds, salmon lice and other parasites. Increased slime production in the stomach and intestines contributes to better digestion, increased nutritional intake and better fish health. Multiple trials show that this can result in higher fillet quality, lower feed factors and better harvest yield. BioFeed has conducted studies on the slime from salmon and trout. The results show that more slime (amount), higher density of slime cells, more slime cells (number) and larger slime cells (volume) have been recorded in fish fed with BioFeed.

40 years of experience

The BioFeed team has more than 30 years’ experience within aquaculture and 40 years’ experience in the development, sale and marketing of marine products. BioFeed is developed and produced in Norway. For the aquaculture industry, we supply different additives that are used by Norwegian and international feed producers.