Feed supplement for sustainable fish growth

A reinforced slime coat leads to fewer sea lice infestations

A good slime coat is the fish’s natural way of protecting itself and its first defence, as it consists of microflora and anti-microbial components that kill viruses, bacteria and fungi. The slime flora also prevents wound infections and parasites from attaching themselves to the fish’s skin and gills. Multiple studies have demonstrated that the combination of cleaner fish and a solid slime coat can render mechanical lice treatments completely unnecessary.

An improved slime coat acts as a barrier against parasites. BioFeed helps generate an increased oxygen supply, which has a positive impact on the fish’s health.

From sea transfer to harvest without lice treatment

In our experience, feeding fish BioFeed is the only lice treatment you need. External factors and stress lead to higher death rates and poorer harvest quality. However, with good routines, it’s possible to go from smolt to slaughter using only BioFeed, which multiple similar studies have indicated also contributes to the fish’s increased survival rate, growth, fillet quality and colour. An improved slime coat in the stomach and intestines is beneficial for both harvesting and overall economy.