Feed supplement for sustainable fish growth

Just as with people, fish’s immune systems also depend on stomach and intestinal health. A fish that lives healthily and gets the nutrients and the environment that it needs to be able to develop and grow will not meet the same challenges as one that doesn’t. Repeated lice treatments, stress, winter lesions, hunger and bacterial problems take a heavy toll on the health of the fish, and result in increased operating costs and a lower harvest yield for fish farmers.

By adding BioFeed to feed, the fish get the optimal benefit and intake of the feed’s nutritional content. This will also improve the natural health of the fish’s stomach and intestines, and the inner and outer immune system will make the fish more robust and resistant. This also leads to quicker growth, better meat quality, better colour, less stress and better pen environment. With contamination by parasites, viruses and bacteria, the fish’s outer slime coat is the first barrier that must be penetrated. If this natural slime coat is strengthened then constantly higher reproduction will mean that the fish will also become more resistant.