Feed supplement for sustainable fish growth

Treatments increase costs and reduce quality.

The Norwegian Veterinary Institute’s report for 2017 shows an industry-wide loss of 52 million salmon and 3.2 million rainbow trout. Salmon alone represents a loss worth an extraordinary NOK 13 billions. To a large degree, the high death rate is due to sickness and mechanical lice treatment. “Considerable savings could be made by prioritising the … Continued

Is the easiest way to achieve good fish health through feed?

Feed will not solve all your problems, but it’s an extremely important factor for an integrated balance between successful operation and a good end result. Reasonably priced standard feed and a focus on growth must often be compensated with expensive lice treatments. Starvation required before treatments and the subsequent lack of appetite results in loss … Continued

The immune system

Just as with people, fish’s immune systems also depend on stomach and intestinal health. A fish that lives healthily and gets the nutrients and the environment that it needs to be able to develop and grow will not meet the same challenges as one that doesn’t. Repeated lice treatments, stress, winter lesions, hunger and bacterial … Continued

Our philosophy is that fish fed with BioFeed in combination with a good, nutritional feed develop a natural immune system and reduce the challenges faced by fish farmers.

The goal of any fish farmer must be to allow the fish to develop in their natural environment in the sea, and to remain untouched for as long as possible from smolt to slaughter. BioFeed is recommended for fish farmers who want to prevent and avoid challenges. The most natural situation is for fish to … Continued